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제목 Struggle News #11, Tuesday, Aug 18, 2009
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Struggle News #11, Tuesday, Aug 18, 2009

Last week

Aug 5, Wed - The Ssangyong Motors occupation ended after 77 days once a negotiation was signed between the corporation and the local union president. After ending the occupation, dozens of workers were detained and interrogated by police, the Korean Metal Workers’ Union and individual workers being charged with $45 million in damages (or lost profits). The negotiation signed between the Korean Metal Workers’ Union president and Ssangyong Motors will give 52% of the workers early retirement (layoff with severance pay) and 48% of the workers temporary lay off for one year without pay.

Aug 13, Thurs - Minbyun Lawyers for a Democratic Society, KCTU and other civic groups and labor organizations held a forum in which Ssangyong Motors workers testified about police brutality during the recent strike and occupation that ended on August 5.

Aug 17, Mon - Around 2pm, the 용역깡패 (militias hired by construction companies) and many police came to the new Octopus Library and destroyed it, attacking many of the activists who were trying to defend the library. The militia surrounded the library with riot police. Construction workers smashed the windows and broke the doors and walls.

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The Octopus Library was a new project to remake an evicted octopus restaurant into a radical library. Comrades had only been working on the library for a week before the militias and cops came to destroy it.

Aug 18, Tues - Former South Korean president Kim Dae Jung died around 1:40 in the afternoon.

Next (and this) week

Aug 20, Thurs - Around 8pm, there will be a festival with street theatre, musical and other performances at the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan district, Seoul.

Aug 21, Fri - There will be a demonstration at City Hall at 7pm for the Yongsan struggle.

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