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제목 Pain Radio & Struggle News #2 (5/26/2009)
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작성일 2009년 05월 27일 14시 56분 57초
Pain Radio & Struggle News #2 (5/26/2009)|

This is the second broadcast of Pain Radio and Struggle News at the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan, Seoul.News in English (3:00 - 49:00) and Korean (1:00 - 3:00, 49:00 - End). Struggle News & Pain Radio are radio projects of Korea Indymedia and Media Redevelopment Action Radio. Come and take part every tuesday from 11:30am! Seoul, Yongsan, South Korea!

Last week news:

*9 people were arrested in Yongsan for having a demonstration against fence-building urban redevelopment on wednesday the 20th;
*The Student Committee Against Government Repression reported on friday the 22nd that police are sending them subpeonas and threatened to get arrest warrants for some 30 student activists;
*The Urban Redevelopment Act was sent to constitutional court to decide whether it is constitutionally legitimate or not;
*Roh Mu Hyun, ex-president of Republic of Korea, committed suicide and there was a memorial organized spontaneously by people, but it was blockaded by police.

Next week:

*Really really really free market this saturday in Yongsan for redistributing wasted goods;
*Art Culture Action Festival in Yongsan on June 10;
*Guerrilla gardening and farming project starting in Yongsan on June 10, everyone invited except cops; *Korea Indymedia feature story group organizing.

Listen next tuesday too!

you can download the audio file at

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