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제목 Struggle News #9? Not Yet...
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작성일 2009년 07월 14일 22시 12분 59초
For Struggle News #9, DJ Dope and Giraffe originally made plans to have an open, participatory interview/discussion with David Graeber at 2pm today. However, the plan didn't work out due to a last minute change of schedule(s).

We hope to try once again, reschedule the interview for later this week or weekend if Graeber comes back to the Candle Light Media Center. If not, there will be an open discussion at Suyu Neomeo on Thursday we might go there with a voice recorder, record and include that in the upcoming Struggle News.

This week's Struggle News is delayed, so we apologize for that. Perhaps plans are much more fragile than chaos and spontaneity, no? The electricity just went out in the media center, so it's a good thing that Giraffe is using a laptop computer with a battery. Giraffe will sit here and wait for the electricity (internet connection) to come back in order to post this blog.

DJ Dope is mad about the media center electricity connection being "unstable" and the "humid pouring rain all day fucking long...but this is what living in a squat is all about." DJ Dope said it reminds him of spending the whole winter in Daechuri during 2006. "It was ass freezing inside the fucking house" because Seo-Hei construction company thugs came and destroyed windows, toilets, insulation, etc. beyond repair in attempt to prevent squating, said DJ Dope right now. Like living "in mount everest all the time with no electricity, no heating, no nothing," said DJ Dope right now. DJ Dope remembers that Graeber came to visit Daechuri during that time.

Plans are fragile, just like the plan to write this blog. Sponteniety and chaos oftentimes destroy plans, just like the plan to restrict the topic(s) of this blog to that of a plan for Struggle News #9, which fell apart today.

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