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제목 Struggle News #9 (July 21 2009)
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Struggle News #9, July 14, 2009

Struggle News is Korea Indymedia’s tuesday program of Media Redevelopment Action Radio, a radio project at the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea. We report the news about radical/progressive social movements in Korea. Anyone is invited to join us as a guest, help report news and engage in discussion. Just come to the Candle Light Media Center around 3pm on tuesday, send an e-mail or leave a comment on the blog/report to let us know.

Last week

July 8, Wednes - From around 7am, construction workers began carry away ruins from a building that was illegally demolished. Around 11am, about 50 activists went to the spot and thugs hired by the construction companies began swinging pickaxes at people.

July 12, Sun - At 1pm, the five family members of those who were killed by police in Yongsan on Jan 20 had a press conference at SunCheonHyang Hospital, where the bodies are kept. The family members demanded an independent investigation of the Yongsan Massacre and an apology from the government.

July 14, Tues - The Korea Development Institute released a report that shows the relative poverty rate has risen to 14.3%, a 3.8% rise from year 2000.

July 14, Tues - The day after becoming prosecutor general, Chun Sung Gwan resigned his position. Chun was facing widespread public criticism about alleged tax evasion, receiving bribes and falsifying residency information to enroll his son in a better school.

The ruling Grand National Party is trying to revise the Media Law.
The strike and occupation of SsangYong Motors continues.
And more!

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